Shop for the Rower in Your Life & Help a Charity at the Same Time

Black Friday. Cyber Monday.  Supporting the economy.

Whatever you want to call it, this is the season gifts are purchased, exchanged, celebrated, and hopefully appreciated… regardless if the gift is something you were hoping for or not.

Remember it is the thought that counts the most.

And when you can purchase something for someone and support a charity at the same time… that is an added bonus.  Through Amazon Smile, a portion of your qualifying purchases is donated to the Baltimore Rowing Club or another charity of your choice.  So include online shopping this season and look for holiday gifts and things you may need throughout the year on Amazon and help support a charity of your choice.


Below are some gift ideas for the rower in your life.

GPS Speed Coach – There are a variety of models and options available, but this is a useful piece of equipment for any rower.  Why should coxswain only see this information?  Get detailed insight into your speed, stroke rate and stroke run in any seat of any boat.

multi-function-coxswains-tool-r17041-430px-430pxCoxswain Tool – Ever been out on the water and you notice a nut is loose?  It is an unpleasant feeling… especially in a single.  Several types are available from JL and Vespoli. I do recommend attaching a flotation device.

Yoga for Rowers – This book shows targeted poses for each phase of the rowing cycle in large full color photos & outlines specifically what these poses do. The instructions are easy to follow & the program is easy to fit into your existing training program. This book is available from Amazon

iPhone and Android Connection Kit for Concept2 Ergs – For use with a PM5, PM4 or PM3  monitor, the Smartphone Cradle slides onto the top of the PM to provide a place to set your mobile device while using the indoor rower. If you’re a PM3 or PM4.  The connection kit for either iPhone or Android also contains the cable you will need for connecting your device to the Performance Monitor for using software such as ErgData.

81zpzxc2ivl-_sl1500_Waterproof Phone or Boat Bag – I never think it is a good idea to carry your phone in the boat with you, but if you do, a waterproof bag for your phone is smart thinking. Personally I find the bags far better than a waterproof case.  The bag will float. Also if you feel it necessary to carry your car keys or other personal objects, it may be worth getting a bag for those as well.  Amazon has a large selection. 

GoPro Camera – Just as video from the side is helpful, video from the stern or bow deck can provide valuable information.  Plus the camera can be used for a variety of fun activities.  The water proof case, the suction cup mount and the head strap mount are the most useful accessories for rowers. GoPro cameras can be purchased from a number of different sites including Amazon.

Rowing Camps – Fun and productive.  What more can you ask for from a camp that allows you to row 2 – 3 times a day and improve your rowing at the same time.  There are numerous options, but some of the most popular on the East coast include Calm Waters, Craftsbury, and the Florida Rowing Center.

Rowing Machine/Ergometer – Love it or hate it and regardless if you use it for off water training, competition, or general erg-treefitness, most every rower will tell you that an erg is a valuable piece of equipment. Plus it can be a lot of fun trying to gift wrap it.  There are a variety of rowing machines but Concept2 is considered the standard. 

Bow and Stern Lights – Vital for safety early and late in the rowing season when practices may start or finish in the dark.  Bonus that it will not give Coach Patrick a reason to stand on his soap box and get preachy.  Lot of choices from Amazon. 

Gel Seat Pad – No… you will not be making a statement about a rower’s gluttonous maximums. A gel seat pad may provide comfort as well as help stabilize some minor imbalances in a rower’s posture.  Available from JL and from Amazon.

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