Throwback Thursday: From Fells Point to Canton to Cherry Hill

Do You Know?

Who served as the model for this sculpture to the left below?

Chuck Selden who is seated on the right and thanks to Sandi Burt for correctly identifying Chuck as the model.

Old Warehouses to a New Home

boathouse homeIn 1980 as rowing returned to Baltimore after the Ariel Boat Club ceased operations decades earlier, a group of ex-Washington College oarsmen, including Steve Perry along with help from the initial group of Loyola student rowers, constructed an 80 foot floating dock at the Terminal Corporation pier warehouse at 1601-11 Thames Street in Fells Point…which was the first home of BRC.

Fells Point was starting to experience a real estate boom following the development of Harbor Place, and members of BRC soon had to relocate to another warehouse in Canton.  The fact that a Cadillac fell through the floor of the warehouse that served as the original home-made such a move prudent.

But also during this time, BRC members as well as their friends and advocates, were in discussions with representative of the Mayor’s office as well as Recreation and Parks about a new home in the city’s Middle Branch Park.

Ayers Saint Gross (ASG), one of Baltimore’s oldest architectural firms, designed what is now the home of the Baltimore Rowing Club.  The building on Warterview Avenue opened in circa 1988 and what is remarkable is how little the building has changed in nearly 30 years.




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