Throwback Thursday: After the Ariel and Arundel Boat Clubs…

After the Ariel and Arundel Boat Clubs…the Baltimore Rowing Club came into existence.

On January 9th I had the privilege of having breakfast with some of the founding and early members of the Baltimore Rowing Club as well as several members that were instrumental in the continued development of BRC after its move to the current boathouse. The men who joined me included:

  • Steve Perry who was instrumental in bringing rowing back to Baltimore and was a founding member in 1980
  • Chuck Selden who joined BRC a few months after the first dock was “launched” in March 1981
  • Ed Simons who joined in the fall of 1981
  • Walter Cesewski who joined BRC in 1983
  • Rob Creath who joined BRC in 1993
  • Jeff Rodman who also joined BRC in the early 90s

Seated from left to right; Steve Perry & Chuck Selden | Standing from left to right; Jeff Rodman, Rob Creath, Ed Simons, & Walter Cesewski

My initial goal was to get some information about the founding of BRC, some of the early challenges and successes, as well as some stories and “Do You Know?” pieces.

What I got was an overwhelming amount of information and stories and an abundance of laughter and surprises.  Not only did they share stories and information, but they also had boxes of past newsletters, photos, building and dock plans, coach’s notes, posters, etc.

20160109_104623After 15 minutes I stopped taking notes and just listened… and mostly laughed.

I went from amazement, to shock, to bewilderment, to awe, to smiles and laughter all within minutes.

While we all strive for better and improved facilities and equipment, five minutes listening to these guys and you’ll have a greater appreciation for what we currently have and how far BRC has come in 40 plus years.

They promised to feed me information and pictures for upcoming “Throwback Thursday” post and I am sure you will find the information fascinating.

I also hope to include several “Do You Know?” trivia type of questions.

Do You Know?

Can you identify the location and purpose of the structure below which was used as part of BRC’s operations in the mid 80s?


Do you know where this structure is located and what did BRC use it for?

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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday: After the Ariel and Arundel Boat Clubs…

  1. Helmut Berthold says:

    That is the finish line tower on “glass beach” (from the time when the sprint race was a 2k) 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    Great photos of some terrific guys. Brings back good memories.

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