BRC Youth Rowers Share Their Views of the Sport of Rowing: Jake Lamason

This fall, rowers from Baltimore Rowing Club’s Youth Program will share their views of the sport of rowing, training, coaching, their goals, their successes, their challenges, and how rowing has influenced their lives.

Their views will be their own and in their own words. Unscripted. Unedited.

This month Jake Lamason a 9th Grader at Baltimore City College shares his views

IMG_0975BRC is an exceptional rowing team.

The coaches constantly push you, your crew constantly pushes you, and you find yourself striving to be better. For me, this summer season is what made me want to go farther. Learning to scull was amazing, and it made me realize that there is a lot more to rowing than just pulling on an oar. Having teammates who could pull twice my weight also made me realize that I wanted to be a “big player”, so I started really trying to get better. I started working out- weight lifting, push ups, pull-ups, and planks. Honestly, it was kind of torture…but it was getting me into the shape I wanted to be in.

Then I started asking questions. “How does this work?” “What does this do?” “Why?” Although I’m sure it was annoying, I think that through that I learned more and more about form, stroke, and the boats themselves. Lastly, I started staying late, after camp, to get out some more and scull. Nothing much, just a half hour or so, but it kept me wanting more and more time out on the water.

Suddenly, camp was over, and so was summer season. That meant no rowing for 5 weeks, which was a depressing thought since I was just starting to get somewhere. However, I got an e-mail from coach Adam, letting me know I was welcome to get some extra time on the water. Since I was just starting to feel faster and like a better rower, I accepted. Fast-forward 5 weeks, to where I am now.

Am I a better rower? Yes.

Did I learn anything? Of course.

Am I done? Not at all.

The same things that motivated me throughout summer season (Peers, coaches, the fact that I wanted to get better) are still pushing me to go further and push harder. It’s not about how good you are now; it’s about how good you could be, or want to be; and what you do to get there.

Thanks to the BRC team and coaches, and a little bit to myself, I know that I’m getting somewhere, and that with some more hard work I can achieve my goal.

-Jake Lamason
9th Grade, Baltimore City College, 6 seasons rowing


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